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Jack, the indie session drummer

I got talking to Jack yesterday, a young guy who sells mochi bread and other bakery treats at some of Waikiki farmer’s markets. He explained to me that this was his part time job, and that his real occupation was being a passionate musician. Here’s a recap of our pseudo interview:

What instrument do you play? 

– You mean, how do I stay so lean and fit? The drums – I work out every night by playing several hours on them. 

Do you play in a specific band? 

– No, I’m a session musician. There are a lot of bands here in Oahu who look for drummers for their shows and concerts. I therefore play for several bands. 

When is your next show? 

– This Saturday, at Mercury bar in Downtown. It’s due to start at 9PM, but we probably won’t play until 11.30PM. 

Is Mercury bar a popular musical venue? 

– Well, actually the whole of Downtown is. A lot of people also refer to Downtown as Chinatown. In terms of creativity and musical talents, it’s where it’s all happening. 

What kind of music can one stumble across in Downtown/Chinatown? 

– Everything indie and alternative. 

Is the music scene there very different from here in the center of Waikiki? 

– Yes, very much so. Downtown caters for all the music that isn’t allowed to be played in Waikiki. Indie and alternative stuff is not touristy enough. 

Needless to say, this interview enabled there to be a different light shed upon the Waikiki music scene – it seems as though it is a bit more controlled than I had expected. It is true that I have discovered there are only three principal genres playing each night here in the center: Hawaiian, Jazz and Rock.