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Pearl Harbor Parade

The much anticipated Waikiki Holiday Parade marking Pearl Harbor’s 70th anniversary, was certainly a hit yesterday evening. There were many marching bands, student choreographies, cheer leading and other musical performances.

Waikiki’s main street was heaving with people, tourists, residents, workers, it was certainly the busiest I have seen the city yet. My favorite musical performance was Taiko’s – a giant truck towing a platform which held a group of Japanese musicians hitting drums and various other percussion instruments. They were good fun to watch, and added great rhythm to the parade.

The cheerleaders of most of the schools were not as synchronized as one might expect, but still just as appealing and fun to watch. There were also some traditional Hawaiian dancers, who did a great job at wiggling their bamboo skirts. The marching bands, all, were excellent, and really were the heart and soul of the event. It was a happy colorful parade, which really portrayed the multiculturalism of the Hawaiian state.

Miss Hawaii strolled by on top of a sport’s car, as did Elvis Presley!

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