Little Albert Maligmat & Eddie Ramirez @ Tapa Bar, Hilton Hawaiian Village

I had a lot of fun watching and listening to this concert.

I arrived just a minute or two before the show began, and the duo really grew on me as the evening went on. Little Albert Maligmat on guitar and vocals, Eddie Ramirez on bass and vocals. At first, they introduced themselves by playing a couple of mellow covers, namely an Eric Clapton, nothing too over the top, just nice laid back ambiance music, ideal for couples cocktail sipping.

Progressively, both brothers began demonstrating some particularly unique skills: Eddie would play the flugelhorn with his mouth, and various other trumpets (not only was this impressive to hear, but also very interesting to watch how he would mimic the instruments), and Little Albert did vocal impersonations. Excellent!

What I found amusing is that I think Little Albert looks very much like Jackie Chan – so not only was he doing impersonations, he also looked like a celebrity. The bar eventually became quite crowded, I suppose because around 9PM/10PM it is a popular time to come and hang out at the bar, but it may also have been that the duo were catching some ears, and people were coming out to have a listen.

The duo animated their audience by getting us to clap, shout out ”Aloooooo-haaaaa!” or sing some lyrics from time to time. They also separated the audience in two and judged which side was singing better. The real cherry on the cake was when they did a cover of ‘We Are the World’, and Little Albert did all the impersonations very well, calling each one out by name before he would do it. ”Diana Ross: We are the world!”, etc. The concert sort of turned into a fun show, and their music became more and more upbeat.

They also played latin American music and Little Albert sang in Portugese. They covered numerous Christmas songs, including one of my current Hawaiian favorites ‘Mele Kaliki Maka’.

I met with Little Albert and his brother Eddie during their break – they were in such good spirits, and were very nice people. Little Albert told me he had just been inducted to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, which is great news and so I congratulated him on that. I didn’t know this before having come to the concert, but Little Albert was a previous band member of Society of Seven, a popular Hawaiian group formed in the 60s.

All in all, another surprisingly good concert – this one particularly fun and animated.


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