Tahiti Rey & Jason Alan @ Apartm3nt

What an absolute treat this concert was. Situated in the most chic bar I’ve been in Honolulu so far, this duo really captivated me.

Apartm3nt is a very in, trendy and lounge-y bar, where Johnny Depp has been spotted numerous times. It is very inconspicuous, situated on the 3rd floor of a somber building just outside of the city’s center. It is dark, yet cosy –  there was even a fireplace with logs burning, which added a comfortable Christmas touch to the evening. The drinks menu offered an eclectic choice of mouthwatering cocktails, and some extremely tasty wines. Gourmet food is also conveniently served until 12.30AM.

The duo were setting up when I had arrived, and began playing on time at 8PM. Both on electro-acoustic guitars and microphones. Tahiti Rey’s custom made golden glittery guitar strap caught my eye, and suited her style so perfectly. This curly haired attractive lady knows how to sing. She has a spectacular voice, a really magical presence, and covers songs in such a way that honestly gave me goosebumps. I found her voice entrancing, and thought to myself as soon as she started singing that I could stay and listen to her all night. Which is precisely what I did.

Her partner, Jason Alan, was also gifted. His guitar strumming was particularly good, and despite his illness – he admitted to having a cold and flu like symptoms and was sipping tea at the bar before playing the sets – he did a great job at singing and performing. You could hear there was a bit of a blocked nose or something sickness-related going on with his vocal chords, but you could also tell that behind that was true talent.

They were inspiring – they played a few of their own of their compositions, but mainly excellent covers. The Fugees, Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Adele, Coldplay, Louis Armstrong, all sorts – and beautifully each time. They took requests, and played for a couple of girls’ in the bar who were celebrating their birthdays. The time they played really flew by. They took two breaks, played three sets, and it was already 11PM by the time they had finished.

I was lucky enough to get chatting with Jason Alan, who not only is a great musician (with a Bachelor degree in Music Composition might I add), he has also a very kind spirited personality. He was fascinated by my travels, and it seemed it was really him who began interviewing me, and not the other way round! Very flattering. Despite everything, I managed to get quite a few bits of interesting info from him…

Tahiti and himself play as a duo as they share the same producer. They now have a habit of playing together. He gave me their sepia colored business card, which looks fantastic and really suits their laid-back easy-listening style.

They had just come back from the Philippines, where they were invited to play for DJ Vice’s wedding (a well-know DJ from LA). Jason told me they had an absolute blast. And during their performance last night, Tahiti introduced the song they played apparently as the couple were marching down the wedding alley to exchange vows. It was indeed a stunning song.

Tahiti and Jason play on average about 5 to 6 times a week in Waikiki, in many different bars and venues. I was not surprised to hear this, as I can understand their popularity. Jason introduced me to Rob, a friend of his who apparently is also a keen music-scene discoverer, and comes to listen to the duo every Wednesday there at Apartm3nt. He seemed very enthusiastic about me having discovered them too, and also recommend I look out for Yoza, another talented musician who is playing at the Hard Rock Café this Saturday. Great!

What else to say? I’ve summed it up: Tahiti and Jason are absolutely great. I loved their performance, and it was delightful meeting and speaking with Jason.

Their website: http://tahitireyandjasonalan.com/

Apartm3nt’s website: http://apartmentthree.com/


One thought on “Tahiti Rey & Jason Alan @ Apartm3nt

  1. Rob says:

    Hi, Jessica! It’s Rob, the guy you met at Apartm3nt. I finally found a moment to read your blogs. Thank you for sharing your experiences. As I said when we met, you are living the dream (well, certainly my dream!) and I find your entries so rich. it’s as if you are speaking to your readers as they are standing there and experiencing them with you. Please keep th coming!

    That’s it for now. Again, I enjoyed meeting you and I wish you Bon Voyage!


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