Mana’o Trio @ The Shack Waikiki

Another one of my favorite performances. Having read in the Honolulu Weekly that this was going to be a Hawaiian style of music, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was actually island reggae.

The trio plays at the Shack every Thursday, and do sound like they know what they’re doing. They played all their songs so fluently, smoothly with such ease – they were an absolute pleasure to listen to. I could see some people bopping around and nodding their heads frequently in the restaurant.

The very talented left handed electric guitarist was the band’s solo master, and was playing with good spirit and a smile. You could really tell this thursday evening routine was something this band looked forward to, and enjoyed thoroughly. They waved and winked at a few regulars who came in and out of the bar, which demonstrated their popularity.

This is my number 2 band after Streetlight Cadence. I love reggae, and particularly like this island style reggae that Mana’o Trio concoct so well. I will love to see them again, and why not return to see them next Thursday at the Shack?


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