Kailua Bay Buddies @ Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber

These guys are full of energy and good humor, they really lit up the night at Jimmy Buffett’s. They took requests, played a whole range of songs in a sort of island-rock style, did some interesting covers, got members of staff to come up and sing with them, had guests come up to – they were experienced and truly fun to watch.

The bar next to the stage became instantly more animated once the band played. The band’s drummer, also the lead singer, a rare site to see, joked around a lot with clients of the bar asking them for requests or suggestions for a genre of music. The band encouraged Jimmy Buffett’s clientele to dance, which actually very quickly happened, and a few couples and singles often came up to strut their moves infront of their stage.

It was a very convivial atmosphere – the stage was so close to the bar, the members of the band were very conversational, the bar tender was making excellent drinks and also entertaining us with bottle throwing tricks.

This was a nice laid back fun place to be on Friday night, and the music was just what one wants in that kind of setting – fun loving and upbeat.


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