Sizzling Sunday @ Zanzabar

I heard Zanzabar was the only real night club of Waikiki, so decided to check it out last night. I purposely picked Sunday because I wanted to see how crowded it would get on a week night. I researched before going, and found out that it was ‘Sizzling Sunday’ and that a couple of DJs were going to get the party going with all the latest hip-hop and pop hits.

I entered the very air-conditioned club around 11PM. It was a 10$ entry. The music was not blaring as loud as I was expecting, but that picked up as the night went on and people began to pile in. At 11PM, there were maybe 40 or 50 people in the not-so-big club. A few on the dance floor, a few around the bar, and some parties scattered round tables and chairs.

The music was OK. A blend of the latest hits, some good, some really cheesy and unworthy of the dance floor. Progressively, couples and singles of all adult ages from 18 to 50 I would say, came in to the club to strut their stuff on the floor. The music got louder, the DJs became more enthusiastic, the clubbers more tipsy, and the dancing became more expressive.

Around 12:30AM two hired not-so-dressed dancers stepped up onto their stages and energetically busted their moves for a good hour or so. The music got more interesting: more dance-y, faster rhythms, better blending of songs.

However, Sizzling Sunday ceased to sizzle around 1AM when most of the people began to depart or get tired. Interestingly, this is when the DJ chose to play some good dubstep, which personally got me to bust out my best most energetic moves of the night.

I’m sure the club gets very busy on weekend nights. It is a shame however that Waikiki is not equipped with more late night dancing facilities and more options. Perhaps because Waikiki’s tourists are predominantly couples, the city is not used to hosting people who want a bit more night life until the early hours of the morning?

Zanzabar’s website:


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