Streetlight Cadence @ Waikiki Beach Walk streets

As I mooched around the busy Saturday night Waikiki beach walk street yesterday evening, I heard the familiar sounds of an accordion. I love live accordion music, especially at night time on busy city streets, so I headed towards the sound.

To my surprise, as I approached, it became apparent that this was not only an accordion, but a young quartet. An acoustic guitar, a violinist/vocalist, an accordionist and a cellist. Their sound was so unique that a very large crowd had formed around them, pleasantly surprised by the freshness and talent of their music.

The violinist and cellist were from an orchestra I heard them mention, and certainly did seem to master their instruments like orchestral musicians would. It was also surprising to witness the talent of the accordionist, who was obviously very young (teens or maybe early twenties) – one is used to seeing this instrument played by much older folks. The guitar player was the shyer member of the band, but without his strumming, their songs wouldn’t have sounded the same.

And so I sat down in front of them, and really soaked in the originality and full-bodied music that was coming out of these gifted students. ‘Streetlight Cadence’ – the name of their band, which suited them so well. A talented group of passionate and skilled musicians, performing under the Waikiki streetlights.



Their Facebook:


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