Mai Tai Bar

The Mai Tai Bar is certainly one of the fanciest venues I’ve been to yet. Situated right on Waikiki’s beach front, one can enjoy a sunset view and an excellent eclectic selection of cocktails.

I was there on Thursday’s early evening, before sun down, and a traditional Hawaiian duo band and hula dancer performed and serenaded us drinkers. The setting was excellent – relaxing calm swaying Hawaiian sounds accompanying the sun down the horizon until it disappeared to another side of the planet. Truly magical.

Obviously, one has to experience a hula type show at least once on one’s stay in Hawaii. It is such a fascinating dance – entrancing in its positivity and soft movements. Hula dancers are always very smiley, and in completely harmonious synchrony with the music. Their tropical movements and get-ups remind us of the natural organic beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

And what better way to enjoy a show like this than at the Mai Tai Bar, a truly splendid area to sit back and relax after whatever activities one has been venturing off on in Waikiki’s wilderness during the day. As previously mentioned, the cocktails are unique, and they offer some interesting wines too.

I highly recommend this bar, and coming to it before sundown. Check the website for live performances, and hopefully you will be just as content by your serenade as I was last Thursday evening.


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