TTYM @ Five-O bar and lounge

I stumbled upon this band whilst walking through the busy Thanksgiving evening Waikiki streets, in the Royal Hawaiian Center to be precise. I was attracted by a mellow reggae style and a catchy bass line which really stood out. When I arrived, the young duo on stage was covering Bob Marley’s ‘Stir it Up’, and were doing an excellent job. A young girl was filming them with her handheld camcorder, and few passers by were stopping to listen and nodding their heads.

I sat down at the Five-O bar and lounge, got a table closest to the band, ordered a Mai Tai, and listened to their entire set. The bass player, who looked like the younger member, was visibly very talented (quick fingers and natural rhythm) and did a great job at doing backing vocals and harmonics. The main guy on a plugged in ukulele, had an excellent voice, and really demonstrated a natural talent for musicianship. He also changed to an electric guitar later on, which he played just as well.

They covered a lot of 90s hits, some which stood out: ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay and ‘Steal My Kisses’ by Ben Harper. They looked like they were having fun on stage, and exchanged a couple of jokes between songs to one another. After briefly researching into TTYM (Talk to Your Music) online, I discovered that the band is usually a four member scenario, and this was an ‘acoustic show’.

The barman told me they have a song on the radio. The duo definitely had a catchy style, and nailed the reggae ryhtm down to a tee. I would enjoy seeing them as a whole band, and will look out for them. They are certainly a nice introduction to the Honolulu music scene.

Their Facebook:


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