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Henry Kapono @ Duke’s Restaurant and Barefoot Bar

At 4pm on Sunday afternoon, a sound check began to resonate from Duke’s Bar. Upon asking some beach goers, it appeared the famous Henry Kapono and his band were going to play their usual Sunday set.

They started it off with an impressive Santana cover, and it married so well with the beautiful beach two steps behind the band and bar. The style of the band was eclectic to say the least: funky, upbeat, rock, reggae, easy-listening, punk, classic, even world. Each song encompassed a different genre, and the switch over was surprisingly smooth.

There was some true experience resonating from this band. After researching into the event, it transpires Henry Kapono plays every Sunday at Duke’s bar from 4 ’til 6, and even has a song called ”Duke’s On Sunday”. Brilliant.

I absolutely and highly recommend anyone on Waikiki beach on a Sunday to lounge back and have this band playing in your ears as you gaze out on to sea front, and progressively witness the sun set. It is a stunning view, and this music really adds a spot of magic to the whole thing.

Also, for those who want to dance it up after lazing around all day, there is ample room to strut one’s stuff on the dance floor, and sun dance.

An excellent show, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and bought me closer to Waikiki.

Henry Kapono’s website:


TTYM @ Five-O bar and lounge

I stumbled upon this band whilst walking through the busy Thanksgiving evening Waikiki streets, in the Royal Hawaiian Center to be precise. I was attracted by a mellow reggae style and a catchy bass line which really stood out. When I arrived, the young duo on stage was covering Bob Marley’s ‘Stir it Up’, and were doing an excellent job. A young girl was filming them with her handheld camcorder, and few passers by were stopping to listen and nodding their heads.

I sat down at the Five-O bar and lounge, got a table closest to the band, ordered a Mai Tai, and listened to their entire set. The bass player, who looked like the younger member, was visibly very talented (quick fingers and natural rhythm) and did a great job at doing backing vocals and harmonics. The main guy on a plugged in ukulele, had an excellent voice, and really demonstrated a natural talent for musicianship. He also changed to an electric guitar later on, which he played just as well.

They covered a lot of 90s hits, some which stood out: ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay and ‘Steal My Kisses’ by Ben Harper. They looked like they were having fun on stage, and exchanged a couple of jokes between songs to one another. After briefly researching into TTYM (Talk to Your Music) online, I discovered that the band is usually a four member scenario, and this was an ‘acoustic show’.

The barman told me they have a song on the radio. The duo definitely had a catchy style, and nailed the reggae ryhtm down to a tee. I would enjoy seeing them as a whole band, and will look out for them. They are certainly a nice introduction to the Honolulu music scene.

Their Facebook: